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Classification of Bhavas / Houses in Astrology

Classification of the Houses:

Houses 1-4-7 are Kendra or Angular houses
Houses 1-5-9 are Trikona or Trinal houses
Houses 3-6-10-11 are Upachaya or Trishadaya houses
Houses 6-8-12 are Dustana or Evil Houses
Houses 2-7 are Maraka or Killer houses

Kendra or Angular Houses:
The Kendra houses are the angles of the chart. These houses are One, Four, Seven, and Ten. These are considered the most powerful houses of all. They create the most action in a chart. They relate to the qualities of the signs, which are cardinal. The cardinal signs are the signs of change and action. They are 1-Aries, 4-Cancer, 7-Libra, and 10-Capricorn in the natural zodiac. These houses bring results. This is why when planets that rule a Kendra and a Trikona come together it creates the fulfillment of purpose. This is called a Raja Yoga.

Planets in the Kendra houses are very strong and active. When malefic planets rule the angles they are said to loose their power to cause harm, and when benefic planets rule the angles they lose their power to give blessings.

Trikona or Trinal Houses:
The Trikona houses are one, five and nine from the lagna (ascendant). In the natural zodiac they refer to Aries (1st house), Leo (5th house) and Sagittarius (9th house). These are the most auspicious houses of all. They give fortune and luck. They are five houses away from each other. They form a triangle from each other. The four elements fire, earth, air, and water all form a trine from one another. The fire element is our Dharma. Dharma is our sense of purpose. When we understand our purpose, we are connected to our spirit and guided by inspiration. The spirit is what fuels our life. The Trikona houses are the houses that are related to the fire element, our spirit and inspiration. The trinal bhavas indicate unconscious actions.

The 1st house of a horoscope is considered as both a Kendra and a Kona and is hence very important house.

Upachaya Houses:
Upachaya means "improvement". The Upachaya houses are three, six, ten, and eleven. They create a certain amount of tension that drives one to improve life’s situations. These houses have a competitive edge to them. Life improves and gets better over time with these houses. Certain astrological conditions involving these houses can improve one’s condition in life.

Dustana Houses:
The Dustana houses are six, eight and twelve. These houses primarily deal with suffering, and mainly ill health. They are the most difficult of all, ruling disease, death, loss and sorrow. The rulers of these houses will inflict this type of suffering. Dustanas are difficult points because they are places of transition. Both the sixth and the eighth are on either side of the seventh house, which is the point of sunset (endings), and the twelfth is the end before the new dawn, the ascendant. These houses are sometimes referred to as the Trik houses (the Three). However the 3rd and 6th can be simultaneously houses of both suffering and growth.

Maraka Houses:
The Maraka houses are two and seven. Maraka in Sanskrit means "killer". These houses and the planets that rule them are considered the killer houses or planets. These planets and houses are prominent when death or injury occurs. Death or injury does not occur every time these planets become prominent through the dashas or transits. There must be other determining influences indicating such an event. Planets occupying these houses, planets associated with them, and the lords of these houses can become maracas. Marakas indicate problems in health. For example, the lord of one maraka house occupying the other maraka house can reduce one’s life span.

The 4 Aims or Goals of Life:

Dharma – represented by 1-5-9, the Fire Houses
Artha – represented by 2-6-10, the Earth Houses
Kama – represented by 3-7-11, the Air Houses
Moksha – represented by 4-8-12, Water Houses

Each house is related to one of the four elements: Fire, Earth, Air, Water. These also correspond to one of the four aims of life: Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha. There are 3 houses for each element/aim of life. The elements directly relate to one's motivation in life. We must look at the distribution of planets and the predominance of planets in any particular group. This gives an understanding of the motivations of the native. For example; if there are majority of the planets in the 3-7-11 houses then the focus is mainly on desires, social interactions.

Dharma – represented by 1-5-9, the Fire Houses:
These are the houses of motivation, inspiration and spiritualism. They relate to the fire signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius in the natural zodiac. These houses tell us that we ought to do. It is doing what best fits our inclinations and talents. Dharma is part of destiny and cannot be ignored. These houses tell us of the blessings that we are born with. They relate to luck and wealth; and are therefore called Lakshmi Sthanas (the Goddess of wealth). When there are a lot of planets in these houses then it shows the person to show these qualities more than the others. The person gives importance to personal growth, inspiration, creative expression, and ethics. Rulers of these houses are always benefics or favorable planets.

Artha – represented by 2-6-10, the Earth Houses:
Houses 2-6-10 relate to the wealth or the resources available at our disposal. They deal with the material and physical things like possessions, luxuries, money etc. Thye are th houses of work, earning, material security. These houses are easier to understand since they deal with the tangible things of life. If there is a predominance of planets in these houses then the person is focused on the material side of life. This leads to practicality and good use of resources to gain more for the material things. These people can be good with money.

Kama – represented by 3-7-11, the Air Houses:
The air element relates to the social and of those things that we desire to do or want to do. These houses relate to relationships with other living beings. It deals with communication. Kama is often translated as lust; but in this context it relates to relationships in general. Many grahas in these houses show the person will value relationships and social interaction. The person could also be a care free being, not very material, lack purpose or inspiration, and be distracted by many desires.

Moksha – represented by 4-8-12, the Water Houses:
These are the houses of dissolution and relate to the mind or to our deepest self. They relate to emotions that cannot be seen by others. It is being able to free one self of dharma, artha or kama. For example several planets placed in the 8th house of a horoscope will tend to increase the moksha qualities in that person. Such a person may develop a philosophical outlook. Planets in these bhavas help in liberating the person and take him to a higher realm.

All the four goals are important for a balanced life. However a person may pursue one of the goals with more enthusiasm than the does the others. This nay be due to the activation of these areas due to planetary placements.

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