Tuesday, July 25, 2006

About Myself

A mid 30's banker based in Dubai - A place that is going berserk with rapid development! I've been in this part of the world for a while now.

With blogging becoming the new fad for self expression, I decided; like the millions to jump into the fray.....

Keep checking my posts. Shall try to make 'em as interesting as can be. And please do keep your comments on my posts coming.

Best regards...
Vinay Kumar


steelboy28 said...

Really amazing! Useful information. All the best.

psonica said...

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Anonymous said...

Very nice and amazing. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

do blog more, your blog is interesting

atila said...

Hello Vinay,

I didnt read your whole site, but it seems that you are very knowledgable about the Vedic World and that you live in Dubai. I also live in Dubai. Do you happen to know anybody that teaches Vedic Meditation and phylosophy? I would highly appreciate it if you can email me at atila32003@yahoo.com. Thank you very much

Bejoy said...

Hi Vinay,
I happened to get into ur page through the video on Akrit.
First of all, I wish to thank you for putting this wonderful video. I showed the video to my wife and 9 yr. old son. A gr8 job done.
Secondly your write-ups on astrology look interesting. More for my wife as she has studied astrology formally. We have marked the page so that we can come back to it. Excellent work done.
Unfortunately from my horoscope, no one cud give a correct prediction...to that my wife says that not all horoscopes reveal themselves so well...she herself has predicted accurately for some !! Will hv a look at itbix.
Bejoy (cbejoy@gmail.com)

burhan said...

hi vinay,
you predicted that in 2012 world wil destroy and after that a new spiritual world will goig to come. yuo just predicted but do you realy know is happening true also. at brahmakumaris world spiritual iniversity, they says that god has arrived on the earth and soon after destruction of the world he would going to make the new world. which would be called the golden world swarga. and he had also told that sri krishna is also coming in the very near future around 2012 . if you dnt believe my words go to any nearest brahmakumaris centre and ask the same to them. or log on to www.brahmakumaris.com.

om shanti

Anonymous said...

you are very smart.. I would like to hear or read more ..
it is so interesting pls. e-mail me
love to be your friend..